Heritages and Museums


The Arusha declaration museum is a site that showcases the history of Tanzania while under the socialism and self reliance policy as well as the years leading up to its introduction.


The National Museum of Tanzania is a consortium of five Tanzanian museums whose purpose is to preserve and show exhibits about the history and natural environment of Tanzania. 

The Peace Memorial Museum exhibits relating to Zanzibar history & nature in a whitewashed, Arab-style building from 1920.

The Sukuma Museum is a community-based museum located in Mwanza, Tanzania. It was designed in 1968, and is dedicated to the preservation and display of artifacts related to the Sukuma culture. See also[edit]. List of museums in Tanzania.

The Sultan’s Palace, Bait As-Sahel was destroyed in the Anglo Zanzibar war of 1896, is one of the main historical buildings of Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

Urithi Tanga Museum is a project of URITHI – The Tanga Heritage Centre. URITHI’s mission is to preserve and promote Tanga’s heritage and to make use of the heritage for community development.


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